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I live in the village of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, just outside Racine, near Lake Michigan, between Milwaukee and Chicago. Living with me is my darling wife Ann, who is a Licensed Practical Nurse, and Molly, a little Maltese dog who we adopted.

I'm an artist, amateur astronomer, rock drummer, avid reader, movie buff, hiker, biker, kite flyer, cook and Green Bay Packer fan.

I have a diverse range of personal interests, an intense curiosity and love of learning, which augment my own creativity and inform my illustrations and design.

To me, "Art", and it's more disciplined child "Design", is all about the journey because there is no final destination (though there are, occasionally, deadlines). It is endless opportunities to learn new techniques, and every brush stroke is a new step into a familiar technique. It is endless opportunities to learn what's been done before, what's being done now, and, increasingly, what's possible in the future.

Like most artists, I was pretty much self-taught in my younger years. I suppose my earliest influences were Jack Kirby, John Romita and Neal Adams.

My formal education includes two years at the University of Wisconsin in Madison as an art major. Then to Milwaukee Area Technical College earning an Associate of Arts degree in what was then called Commercial Art.

The early '80's job market saw me going in a different direction as I opened a small messenger service, which I operated for the next decade, gaining a genuine love for being self-employed. Today 90% of my cargo would be delivered as an e-mail attachment or PDF. During this period artwork became a satisfying hobby, though I never abandoned the idea of returning to it professionally. Some of the pieces on my "Illustration" page are from this time.

In the meantime, the future arrived, and I eventually decided to join it, attending Gateway Technical College, where I happily discovered an aptitude for using the new tools available to artists in the early 21st century, and earning an Associate of Arts Degree in Graphic Design Technology (G.P.A. 3.98...if it were'nt for that one "A-minus"...).

In 2005, I interned at Design Interchange, Inc. and worked with the very talented people there as a Graphic Designer in 2006 before striking out on my own and once again heading back to school, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Art, with a concentration in Digital Illustration, from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

The organized mess that is my studio includes my Mac, all the requisite software, and broadband internet connection.

And a drafting table.

Plus an HP Scanner, HP Printer and Wacom Graphire Tablet.

And a stack of various drawing and painting papers and boards, and piles of pencils, pens, brushes, markers, pastels, charcoal, inks, watercolors, gouaches, acrylics ...

wow there's even some oils. and conte crayons, I forgot about those...what else have I got in here?

someone should really straighten this place up...